*Meetings are the second Thursday of every month 9-10 am at the Cottonwood Conference Center in South Sioux City, 4402 Dakota Ave.

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August 2019

Our Meeting included great conversations and connections, we learned so much form each other! These wonderful connections help us better support the children, youth and families of our communities which is our common agenda/mission. Matt Ohman shared with us about SHIP- the Siouxland Human Investment Partnership and Jennifer Jackson gave us insights in to some of the many things Heartland Counseling does. Jennifer also brought a wonderful guest speaker to share a beautiful personnel story on how the services at Heartland are truly a great support.

You may download the meeting notes here.

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July 2019

Our July meeting was fantastic. We had two great speakers! Erica DeLeon with One Siouxland shared information with us on the upcoming census. Karen Mackey with The Sioux City Human Rights Commission shared all about what the commission does to help individuals.

Read the meeting notes here.


June 2019

Thank to everyone who attended our June meeting. We had another great turnout with around 65 partners connecting and sharing. Included in our sharing were Abby Kempema with Beyond the Bell, giving highlights from their Community Impart report and Jennifer Jackson with Heartland Counseling Services updating us on the progress of the AWARE grant.

You can download the June meeting notes here.


May 2019

We had an Outstanding May meeting together with Julie and Amy presenting from Catholic Charities, Tonya Bauman shared about an upcoming training on understanding Social Media's role in human trafficking and Erica DeLeon shared a little about an coming project involving the Community Resource Center. We always love to include our wonderful table conversations and shout outs to keeping growing together and staying connected.

You can download the May meeting notes here.


February 2019

Thank you to everyone who attended our February meeting. It was very successful, fun, and informative! When we collaborate and share together like you all do so beautifully every month we are better able to serve the families in our communities! We were so fortunate to hear from Matt Ohman and Sara Johnson presenting about Hope Street which is going to be a recovery home to help the homeless, Erica DeLeon with One Siouxland presenting on her strategic plan, and Kevin Engel Cartie with Volunteer Siouxland.


January 2019

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our January 10 meeting. We were so lucky to hear from Kristy Tremayne, speaking about the Penguin Project, as well as Lori Scott and Jonette Spurlock with Center for Siouxland.


DEcember 2018

We are so appreciative of the turn out at our December meeting! We had over 80 people attend and had wonderful presentations. A special thank you to Sarah Deck, with Juvenile Services, she presented on the outcomes of a survey assessing how Growing Community Connections was doing as a collaboration.