GCC exists to connect people and organizations and empower everyone to support the children and families in our communities. Our goal is to maximize the potential that lies within everyone so that families and
communities can thrive! (Birth-Rocker)
PURPOSE Partners working collectively to build on the wellbeing of all individuals
and families in our communities.
COMMUNITY GOALS As a result of our data from Source for Siouxland we have formed focus groups on Health, Safety, Education, Economic stability, and Quality of life to determine new goals, using data and community information. You are
always welcome to be a part of any group!
Continuous Communications
Backbone Agency
Mutually Reinforcing Activities
Shared Measurement Systems
AREAS OF IMPACT Economic Stability
Quality of Life
WE BELIEVE Growing Community Connections believes that strengthening our
community requires all of us working together.
-Maintaining open communication with our partners and the community
-Identifying community strengths and needs
-Actively coordinating and sharing lessons learned
-Defining common outcomes
-Aligning individual community needs and resources to meet those outcomes
-Seeking additional resources to help reach our goals
-Using evaluation and community data to strengthen our programs
-GCC endeavors to build belonging in every meeting.
-GCC is a Tri-state collaborative that strives to connect and support our wonderfully diverse communities.
We strive to facilitate a culture where diversity, equity, and inclusion are respected and intentionally valued by implementing thoughtful, practical, consistent, and innovative strategies that can serve as a model for those in our communities.
-GCC denounces discrimination and opposes any form of oppression.
-We strive to improve the quality of life for all individuals in the Siouxland area including diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives.
-GCC is committed to supporting the work of community partners who strive to build positive protective factors for our youth and children and preventative supports that keep families together.
-We are a data-driven collaboration providing evidence that we are meeting the needs of our diverse community.