How does it work?

Families who qualify complete and submit an application. The application is referred to a Community Coach who works one-on-one with the family to provide information and help them connect with the resources in our community that meet their needs. 

How we help

  • Currently, the most common needs are rent and utility assistance.
  • Families are encouraged to reach out for assistance as soon as they know they are unable to pay rent and/or utilities. 
  • All resources require an application and the application process could take 10 days or more to process. Rent and utility resources available to Nebraska families include:

Rent and utility resources available to Nebraska families

NE resources

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Central Navigator

Sandra Nation

Central Navigator

Sandy Nation is the Central Navigator for Dakota County Community Response. 

Her primary responsibility is to provide information and help families connect with resources in the community. Sandy and her team of dedicated Coaches work with families, community organizations, schools, health care providers, utility companies, property management/landlords, and individuals to help strengthen the community.                     
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